Potter Wasp Nest Building

Looking a little like something out of a sci-fi flick, Potter wasps are a common site in both the house and the garden. Graceful, strikingly patterned and energetic, I thought they deserved a post all of their own.

Potter wasps make their nests out of mud mixed with saliva, they then capture and paralyse other small invertebrates [usually Spiders or Caterpillars] with their sting and cram the unfortunate victims into the nests chambers along with the wasps eggs. In due course the eggs hatch and there waiting is a protein rich first meal. A bit grizzly, but fascinating eh?.

All in all an engrossing and enlightening thing to watch ... I tell ya, the more time I take; the more time it takes to take time - but it's worth it eh? ... [don't hurt yourself trying to figure that out ...lol :)]

Potter wasp Delta arcuata

Scouting the location of her nest

Beginning work

You can clearly see the mud and saliva mix she's manipulating

Taking shape - reminds me a little of a Roman amphora

The finishing touches


The egg inside all her hard work

I had originally labelled this wasp as a 'Mud daubing wasp' - however, after watching the nest take shape - it became clear that 'Potter' wasp is a more apt description ... hopefully I'll manage some pics of her returning with a caterpillar for her offspring. I'll let you know :)


  1. Fantastic Photographs!!

    They maybe grizzly, but wasps are fascinating creatures and you've captured their remarkable engineering skills.

  2. Hey Richard - cheers for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment, appreciate the compliment - take it easy.


  3. Fantastic photos and a wonderful series.

  4. Nice to see Ms Wasp's fascinating body from so many angles as she potters away. Can't help but wonder what she thought of her spectator though. Great pics, as usual.

  5. Actually, she completely ignored me - focused entirely on her work as she was. If she wondered anything at all, I imagine it was where her next caterpillar was to come from lol ...

    Cheers for the comments Holly & D :)

  6. Both you and Jo are very talented with a camera in hand! Great pics Paul (shut eyes very quickly when spot the SPIDER)......phew

  7. Cheers Julz - Jo has the talent, my pics only eventuate due to sheer bloody mindedness ... and luck lol :)


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