Night Tiger Rescue

The neighbour left a note asking if I'd pop over and remove a snake who had slipped in to their chook pen .. happy to oblige I wandered over with my jigger and snake bag ... Upon our arrival, I found this mildy venomous Boiga huddled up behind the roosting box - looking decidedly well entrenched [a common theme when removing snakes].

But with a little coaxing and a lot of swearing, I managed to 'tail' him and pop him in the bag. In situations like this, patience and a little knowledge of snake behaviour are your best allies - as always with snakes, if you don't know what you're doing, find some-one who does.

Brown Tree Snake/Night Tiger (Boiga irregularis) They're never in the easiest to reach places ...


In the bag ... no worse for wear

Come on mate - out ya get


All credit to our neighbours who did the right thing and didn't kill or harass the poor little guy. If you look a bit closer at the pics you'll see that the snake is pre-slough, so it probably went in attracted by the smells of live animals, but stayed to shed it's skin. A time when snakes are vulnerable and generally a little bit cranky.

This fellow though had a lovely nature and was released the night of capture to go and do his thing in peace. Good to have a happy ending eh?


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