Hop Stop - Cane Toad Spray

There's a 'new' way of controlling Cane Toads 'round your joint - but it seems there may be a price to pay should you choose to use it (the devil, as always, is in the details eh?)

HopStop spray is a convenient and effective way to control cane toads. When used properly, it’s safe for people and pets, and is humane for the toads. HopStop® has been developed for use in home gardens and similar outdoor settings. Pestat

So reads the blurb at pestat producers of a new way to cull Cane Toads. And while I'm a fan of [almost] anything that reduces the number of Toads around the joint, you should keep in mind that we're talking about some pretty damned serious chemicals here.

Also at $20.00(Au) per can it's a pricey way of controlling toad numbers at your place and unless having rotting Cane Toad carcasses all over the lawn doesn't bother you, you'll still have to pick them up and dispose of them. So it's not exactly a hands free solution either.

What follows is a selection of pics shot on my deck the other night. Obviously there is a need for some measure of control - the real question is, are chemicals the best solution? And its worth remembering that Toads, like all animals, feel pain and I imagine being doused in lethal chemicals is hardly a humane form of culling.

At the end of the day, I suppose it all comes down to our own consciences right?

The beast with two backs eh?

'HopStop should only be used outdoors. Do not use it inside buildings or other enclosed areas, and do not inhale the spray. Do not spray it towards yourself, other people or animals, and avoid direct application to plant foliage. Do not spray it into or over dams or fishponds'.

Pretty heavy eh? Especially considering that the Toads are often found around water and invariably around vegetation - perhaps the old tried and true method is still best? I think I'll stick to it myself.

If you give a try - let me know how it goes eh?


  1. I bought a can of this last year from Bunnings when it was first released. It wasn't as effective on the larger toads but you could see a zigzag line of dead grass across the yard a few days later from the chasing the toad and spraying at the same time! It certainly is a lethal mix. The best way was to catch a pile of toads and then do a bulk spray.

  2. Thanks for the comment Pteropus. I guess it makes me wonder why not just pop em in the freezer after they've been collected and save yaself the $20.00 for a congratulatory beer at the end of the round up?

    Kudos to you though for shelling out on something that eradicates Cane Toads - if everybody followed your lead there'd be a hell of a reduction in their numbers.

    Cheers again, take care - Paul.

  3. I'd say the freezer-garbage is the most humane way to deal with these toads. Afterall, it's not their fault they are here. (The same might be said about us!!) They should be dealt with in the most humane way possible.

  4. yep, I'm with you on that D - cheers for the comment.


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