The Forest For The Trees

Recently I was over at my mates blog where she'd written a post about turning off the puter for a bit to just enjoy the natural world. I had come to much the same conclusion - thus, over the last little while I've taken less pics but have seen so much! It makes me wonder what I've missed being so busy trying not to miss anything ...

Still, I have managed the odd snap here and there - but the rule at the moment seems to be opportunism rather than any deliberate seeking out of subjects to shoot. If the camera is to hand - great, if not ... so be it.

I guess the point is that while I enjoy working on this blog and sharing the critters I find with you, good reader - I also need to remind myself every so often to be still and just observe ... and as soon as I've stopped shagging about with this post - I'm going to slip outside and do exactly that, feel free to tag along eh?.

Willy Wagtail
Rhipidura leucophrys

A fun and challenging little bird to photograph

A little out of focus but I think the contrasts and deep golden hues make up for it

Often there's no time for anything but to point, pray, and shoot lol

The Willy Wagtail is insectivorous and spends much time chasing prey in open habitat. Its common name is derived from its habit of wagging its tail horizontally when foraging on the ground. Aggressive and territorial, the Willie Wagtail will often harass much larger birds such as the Laughing Kookaburra and Wedge-tailed Eagle.

It has responded well to human alteration of the landscape and is a common sight in urban lawns, parks, and gardens. It was widely featured in aboriginal folklore throughout Australia as either a bringer of bad news or a stealer of secrets.


Christy said…
See, same topic and totally different post! :) Love the photos. The Wagtails are striking little birds. They remind me of jays.
Paul said…
When you're right - you're right! lol, Cheers Christy :)