An Army Of Frogs

As you may know a group of frogs is called an army (or sometimes - a chorus). And lately we've been seeing (and hearing) quite a few. With frog populations in global decline this has to be a good thing.

The iconic white-lipped tree frog

Who couldn't love the frumpy face on this Green Tree Frog

Hoping to sire the next generation

But it's not just been the frogs who've been popping by ... here's a brief round-up of some of our other garden guests ...

Stag Beetle Prosopocoilus sp

I love the tiny fly perched on the beetles head!

Imagine how happy I was when I wandered outside and found this little guy ...

Juv Water Python Liasis mackloti

I couldn't resist a cuddle - when fully grown these snakes reach around 3 metres T.L 

We've had a little rain (thank god) - in fact even the lizards took the opportunity to cool off ...

Carlia longipes

Been seeing lot's of pretty butterflies and moths too ...

Granny's Cloak Moth Speiredonia spectans

Unknown (common)

Animal groups have many names - some are whimsical, many seem apropos, while others are just flat out funny!. Here's a short list of some of my favourites:

A crash of rhinoceroses
A business of flies
A nuisance of cats
A quiver of cobras
An intrusion of cockroaches
A float of crocodiles
A tower of giraffes
A cloud of grasshoppers
A lounge of lizards
A mischief of mice
A scourge of mosquitoes

and perhaps my most favourite: A pandemonium of parrots :)