Raining Frogs

Oh okay, it's not actually raining frogs - but we have been seeing an incredible amount in the garden over the last few weeks. No doubt the small amount of rain and the massive amount of humidity has been the trigger.

We have both species of Dwarf frog, the eastern (L. fallax) and the northern (L.bicolor).

The northern is a little larger and is predominantly green in colour as opposed to the mottled brown often seen in the species ...

Litoria bicolor

Litoria fallax

Both species sharing a stem (L.Bicolor at bottom) - quite literally ...!

Their calls are remarkably akin and obviously they share a preference for similar habitats (reedy or grass filled, with loads of cover and at least some amount of standing water). They're vocal both day and night - but become positively orotund if there is even the tiniest hint of rain in the air.

I have seen juv keel-back snakes actively hunt these chaps and no doubt due to their size they're preyed upon by a multitude of critters, but for the time being at least, their camouflage seems to be holding up to such pressures. As with the majority of amphibians that end up sharing our gardens, it's the chemicals we spray that pose the biggest threat to them.

So you know, less is most definitely more eh?

As an aside, it seems this ole blog isn't displaying correctly in some browsers (appears over-sized). I've given it a few tweaks to see if that fixes the issue. If not it'll be back to the drawing board ... sigh ...

Anyway, if you've got the time let me know if you're having any drama's viewing it - I'd truly appreciate it ...

Cheers and take care ...Paul :)


  1. Love your blog, thanks for sharing your experiences in words and pictures!

    1. Cheers! Thanks for stopping by :)



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