A Furry Australian Moth (Syntherata)

Well, it's Friday!, and you know what that means?. That's right!, it's the day after Thursday ... ahem.

But it also means I've got an opportunity to post about this marvellous critter - of the genus Syntherata. And what a marvel he is - well, more likely was. I know, bummer. But I like to think, a short life, well lived eh?.

He was yet another of those extraordinary critters that bumble into our lives, leaving me to knock over drinks and scare the green outa the parrots as I scramble to find my camera, (I swear, I put it down in one place, and it miraculously ends up somewhere completely different when I go to pick it up again ...).

Yet another great, unsolved mystery of the Universe I guess ...


Snapped right at the point of lift off

Another, same genus - same issue finding the bloody camera ...

And for all you lepidopterists out there, the fun continued:

A seemingly friendly Hawk moth ...

Then again, perhaps not ...

Speaking of grumpy - check out the scrotum tightening stare from this ornery lass:

Species unknown, and frankly, I was a little hesitant to ask ...

This lovely butterfly also made its presence known as it rather helpfully pollinated our Passion fruit.

Oh!, for crying out loud - I can't think of the species!

It's right on the tip of my proboscis too!

Ah well, we can always come back to it after a reviving dose of caffeine I suppose.

Now don't be thinking that the cute, cuddly and helpful have been getting things all their own way though. Not with this formidable little hunter doing the rounds in the garden ... although it should be noted that at least he carries his own drinking straw with him ... so you know?. An environmentally friendly assassin?, (sounds like the plot to a new limited series on netflix ...).

The implacable Bee Killer Assassin Bug

And finally, this guy. Our resident Green Tree frog. Now look, I know frogs are predators. But I honestly just can't get past their seemingly benign disposition and calm, settled demeanour. Of course, I'm not a cricket - so I probably shouldn't have a bloody opinion on the subject ...

Interrupted mid, croaky serenade ... sorry little mate. 

Well good people, that's about it for this post, so until next time; and as always - take care :)

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