One Down - 200 Million + to go

Chores. We all have them, from doing the dishes to cleaning up snake poo ... (well, perhaps we don't all have the same chores). Generally, a chore is something we'd rather not do - the hints in the name 'chore' I guess.

Still, they need to be done, and so we set ourselves to them, with varying degrees of acceptance and good grace, right?.

But there are some things I'd really rather not do. - The laundry for instance, or watching the Kardashians.

Why? - why do people watch those people?.

There's another thing I don't relish - the culling of Cane toads.

I do it. But I don't enjoy it ...

I say old chap - can we talk about this?

Seriously - hand to God, I'm vegan

You oughta know. I know people, who know people ...

Son of a bit ...

The toad was first declared a problem species in 1950. The poison they exude can kill many native predators whose populations have since declined. They are also indiscriminate feeders, and out-compete native species. Introduction of cane toads | National Museum of Australia

Know your Toad
Found this brilliant site today - so check it out if you want to learn more about identifying Cane toads
Cane toads and native frogs

As mentioned, I don't have fun culling toads, and I have absolutely no time for people who treat toads - or any other animal, with cruelty.

The recommended humane method for euthanizing toads is below.

If you're of a mind to do a bit for your own garden and the wider area - here's how you can make a dent in cane toad numbers around your joint, and not be a mongrel doing it.

Collect the toads and place them in a suitable plastic bag or container, (with air holes). Refrigerate for at least 2hrs. Remove and place in the freezer overnight or for a solid, (no pun intended), eight+ hours.

Dispose of them in the bin and pour yourself a beer - 'cause you deserve one, ya legend you!

Well, that's it - the end of another post - don't cry because it's over - smile because it happened eh? ... lol.

Cheers for stopping in - and as always, take care