A Big Little Post

Due to lifey things happening in, to and around me and mine - I simply don't have the time that I'd like to dedicate to this; my favourite blog, and thus, to you - my friends, supporters, detractors and curious on-lookers.

I seem to have stretched myself a touch thin with other projects and commitments. Still, with your permission, or, indeed, without it, (I'll not apologise for the "condition my condition is in") - but instead post a quick little catch uppy - what I saw when I wasn't really looking deal.

Flower spider - legs aloft
(Thomisus spectabilis)

As you know - I love taking B&W shots, often of very colourful animals. Which sometimes makes people a little cross. But in this case - the White-Flower spider was a perfect candidate for such treatment. So much so - that she offered me a hug.

Of course - colour is a thing - and when I'm lucky enough to capture it with a bit of interesting light ...

Dusky Honeyeater eating nectar in the garden
Dusky Honeyeater

I have grumbled about the maddeningly ridiculous declination between the Dusky and Brown Honeyeater on Garden Guests before ... so I'll refrain from doing so again.

Oh, alright - I'm being a little churlish here - but below is a Brown honeyeater, (ffs - brown? Really!) - helping itself to some charcoal from the fire ...

Brown Honeyeater - after some minerals
Brown Honeyeater

As always - thanks for stopping by - I truly hope you and yours - are well. The book is coming ~ but yes, in actuality - so is Christmas ... Am I right?

Take care - and I hope to catch up with you soon - Hugs, Paul


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