A Mantid For A Mate

So there we were. Jo and I, sitting out on the deck and enjoying the evening when a giant mantid blundered into the car port. Nothing particularly astonishing about that, we see them from time to time.

What was a little different though was the insects behavior.

I grabbed the camera and lay down on the concrete to take a shot (see below) - the mantid paused, for just a moment, then scuttled towards me. It clambered onto my wrist and made its way to my shoulder, where it perched, making me feel like a slightly deranged pirate.

Thank god - a tree!

Long story short, I gently plucked it from its vantage point and placed it on some plants that I knew housed suitable delicacies. It promptly settled in for a round of vigorous preening.

It was then that I noticed it had, what I can only describe as scorch marks on its wing cases. I have no idea of the cause They may be electrical or from a light bulb. It may also be scarring from a predator. I honestly don't know.

It was just a little wildlife moment I guess. But one I wanted to share ...

Two weeks later and she's doing well - potter wasps are big, but she's bigger

You can check out an older post about this insect here Giant Praying Mantis

In the above post linked to, I continually call the insect a mantis - it is, in fact a mantid ...

Although many refer to a member of this group as a ‘praying mantis,' mantis refers to the genus Mantis. Only some praying mantids belong to the genus Mantis. Mantid refers to the entire group. ^

Silly ole' me eh?

Till next time and as always, take care - Paul :)